Lawn hammocks can be a lot of fun and a very relaxing place to spend an afternoon. But if you own a hammock, you're responsible for it; this includes ensuring that it's used safely and that it's cared for properly. Here are some tips for the best safety and care for your lawn hammock.

1. Always double-check hanging attachments

The most obvious hazard you could incur while using a hammock is falling. So double-check the hammock's hanging attachments and the stand (if using one) to ensure the entire thing is sturdy before hopping in.

2. Only set up the hammock in a safe area

You don't want to make the hammock a safety hazard by setting it up near water. Make sure the hammock is well away from any pool, water features, or even small streams you may have on your property. In addition, you'll need to set it up well away from any electrical cables or components.

3. Clean the hammock regularly

Your hammock should be cleaned regularly to keep it new-looking. Different types of hammocks may be made of different materials, and thus require different cleaning techniques. For example, a hammock made of a plastic-like fabric may be best cleaned by laying it out, spraying it with a hose, then wiping it down. If you have a hammock made of a softer fabric, you may be able to wash it in your clothes washer on a delicate cycle. If you have a rope hammock (looks like it's made of string), you may need to wash it by hand in a large bucket.

4. Store the hammock indoors in winter

While a hammock may be made of a rugged material that can stand up to all weathers, even a strong outdoor fabric could wear out eventually. So if you won't be using the hammock for a few months (such as during the winter season), it makes sense to keep the hammock out of the weather so you can keep it in great condition for warmer times.

5. Don't let children use the hammock unsupervised

Children should be closely supervised when using a hammock. If a child is going to use the hammock, you can set up the hammock to hang very low so it's less top-heavy. You can also place padding, such as air mattresses, below and around the hammock to cushion any falls.

These tips can help you to keep your lawn hammock safe and well-maintained so you can get as much enjoyment out of it as possible while avoiding any hazards. Get in touch with a local lawn hammock supplier today, like MAJOR COLLECTABLES, if you need advice on hanging the hammock or simply want to add another to your lawn decor.