If you are a health care provider or if you own a building that houses a medical office, then you probably know how important commercial building cleaning it is to your patients' health and well-being. While commercial building cleaning is essential for all businesses with brick and mortar locations, it is especially crucial for medical facilities. Here are some commercial cleaning recommendations to consider if you own a medical business. 

Disinfecting Examination Rooms

Medical examination rooms can harbor viruses and bacteria if not cleaned properly and often. A commercial building cleaning program for medical buildings typically includes cleaning the examination tables and the areas around and under the tables.

The cleaning professionals will remove the barrier paper from the examination tables and clean the surfaces with an antimicrobial agent, and once the surface has dried, fresh paper will be placed back onto the tables. The sinks and all other surfaces, including countertops, will also be cleaned and disinfected, as will the computer keyboards, monitors, telephones, and stools that the physician sits on while he or she is speaking to you. The seat of the stool will be cleaned and disinfected, as will all metal and rubber surfaces of the stool, including the wheels. 

Hard Floors And Carpet Cleaning

Spills often occur in waiting rooms, bathrooms, exam rooms, and labs. Because of this, it is crucial that your commercial building cleaning program includes cleaning and disinfecting floors with hard surfaces as well as carpeted areas. The cleaning crew will either clean your hard floors with a mop or use a commercial floor cleaning machine.

Commercial grade floor cleaners, special disinfectants, and degreasers will also be used to help clean the surfaces while lowering the microbial count. Your carpets will be vacuumed frequently, and when needed, will be steam cleaned to remove debris and allergens. When you negotiate your contract with the commercial cleaning company representative, you can specify how often you want your floors and carpeting deep cleaned. You will need to schedule your cleanings for times when your employees and patients are not there.

To learn more about how commercial building cleaning can keep both your employees and patients safe at your medical office, contact a commercial cleaning company. While speaking to a representative, you can inquire about the types of products that will be used, payment options, drying times after carpet cleaning, and which types of environmentally-friendly products they use in the cleaning process.  

For more information, contact a commercial building cleaning service.