If you will be going on a camping trip this fall and would like to ensure that you have a steady supply of safe drinking water, make a water purification jug by completing the project below. Once you have finished, pack the jug with other essentials that you will be bringing along on the trip so that you can filter water that you collect from a lake, pond, or any other body of water you encounter. 


  • two plastic jugs
  • mild detergent
  • water
  • sponge
  • power drill
  • drill bits
  • fabric
  • scissors
  • activated charcoal granules
  • small pieces of gravel
  • crate
  • collection cup or bowl

Clean Each Jug's Interior And Create Holes

Purchase two plastic jugs that are the same size. Use soapy water and a sponge to clean each container's interior. Once the jugs have dried, choose one of them to use as the purification jug. Use a power drill to create several small holes in the bottom of the jug. The holes will allow water to seep through when you are attempting to remove contaminants from the supply of water that you have collected.

Add Filtering Layers To The Purification Jug

Cut a piece of fabric that is wide and long enough to cover the interior base of the jug that you have chosen to filter water through. Press the fabric into the bottom of the jug. Add an even layer of activated charcoal granules on top of the fabric. The charcoal granules will help eliminate chemicals and residue as water passes through them, resulting in water that is safe to drink. Add another layer of fabric over the charcoal granules. Place a thin, even layer of gravel on top of it. The gravel will also assist with removing contaminants.

Collect And Purify Water

Place the purification jug in a stable enclosure, such as a crate, before packing it inside of your vehicle. Also, pack the plain jug that you previously cleaned out with the purification container. Once you arrive at your camping destination, use the plain jug that does not have holes drilled into it to collect water.

Place a clean cup or bowl underneath the purification jug before pouring the collected water into the top of the jug that has filtering layers added to it. As the water is dispersed through the purification jug, residue and contaminants will be collected. The water that remains in the cup or bowl that you have selected will be safe for you to drink.