If you've decided to add some lighting to your backyard, the way that you display them can affect the final appearance just as much as the fixtures themselves. Depending on what kinds of fixtures you're looking to add, you can often hang them in many different ways. No matter what you choose, you want to be sure that the fixtures are as secure as possible. Here are a few options that you should consider.

Overhead Patio Hanging Lights

When you hang the lights under an overhead patio, you can anchor them on the patio roof. There are many different types of anchor studs and brackets that you can use depending on the final appearance you're aiming for. If you can't drill holes in the patio cover, consider choosing lightweight vintage lights that you can hang from adhesive hooks. Just make sure you select heavy-duty hooks with strong adhesive to be sure that they stay put.

You can hang each light from its own separate hook or run anchor lines across the space and hang the lights from those lines. If you opt for individual hooks, you can even hang the lights lower by adding a thin thread to the hook before you attach the light. If you're hanging lights from a line, just make sure you place some anchor hooks along the line to keep it from sagging, otherwise the weight of the lights may pull it down.

Yard-Area Decorating

If you're decorating the entire backyard, you'll probably want to add some lights throughout the whole space for visibility. The key is to make sure that all of those lights are secure. For example, you could hang them from poles, pillars, posts, or other stable structures. Just add a mounting bracket to each one so that you can hang the lights from them without worrying about their being knocked over.

For yards without posts or structures like these to support the lights, you'll want to invest in some structural hooks that you drive into the ground. Just hammer the post into the ground, and then hang the light from the hook. If the pole is thick in diameter, you may want to dig a small hole and backfill around the post with gravel for support. This will help to minimize any shifting that could happen due to weight.

Adding vintage lighting to your backyard could be the perfect touch for that next summer party. With these tips, you can even determine how best to hang the lights to decorate the space.