If you have a friend or family member that loves their backyard, patio, or other outdoor area and who is always spending time out in that area, you'll want to consider great outdoor gifts for special occasions. Giving them a gift that helps make their space more enjoyable and more tranquil will be greatly appreciated, and it will allow them to enjoy their space even more. Here are a few suggestions to consider.

Outdoor Water Feature

An outdoor water feature like a small solar-powered fountain will provide soft trickles and noises of water for the homeowner to enjoy when they lounge and sit around their patio or outdoor space. These fountains don't just bring a peaceful sound; they are also decorative and can be a great centerpiece for the yard. The fountains can attract birds and other wildlife to the yard as well.

Rain Chain

A rain chain is a decorative piece that hangs and that allows rain to trickle through during a shower, and it can collect water in pools. These chains are designed to be a decoration and look beautiful when it rains, and you can collect the water with the chain to use for watering flowers or for birds to bathe in. These chains come in a variety of styles and have different designs; they can be short or several feet long. Look at the selections of companies like Monarch Rain Chains to see what kind your friend or family member might like. 

Sun Catchers

There are several different sun-catcher charms and objects you can get to hang around an outdoor space to create light-reflection designs. These can be personalized with names, colors, and shapes, and the colored pieces are going to reflect colored light around the yard. These can also work as moon catchers in the evening if there is enough moonlight or starlight to reflect around their property.

Of course, if the person has a lot of landscaping, getting them flowers and plants that will return every year is also a great option that they will be able to enjoy for years into the future, and there are many different types of wind chimes, wind mills, and other outdoor pieces that you can get that will make the garden or outdoor area around their home more tranquil. You just need to look at what they already have to determine what they need or could want. If they have a certain theme already going, try to find a great item that matches their tastes and décor so the item fits in.