There's a lot of options out there when it comes to replacing windows. Different designs, safety levels and light filtering features are available, and when the panic of needing a window fix sets in, some people may rush through without their best interests in mind. As you look up a residential glass repair professional, keep these considerations in mind.

Basic Glass Selection And Measurement

When surveying glass repair professionals, find out if they're able to fix double-pane windows. These windows provide additional protection from the outdoors, and it's better to have a more sturdy options for your replacement. In the event of a future break, there's a chance that the damaging object won't go completely through and you'll have more time to get a repair.

If the window can be removed and the opening blocked, it's best to take the frame in for measurement. Although you can request home services, you can reduce travel time by going to a window provider for measurements while shopping for your next frame as well. If you decide on a repair professional outside of your area, you can still get a rough guess of what you'd like for your replacement and a helpful measurement for your repair professional.

An insulated window can help protect against condensation in the summer and keep heat in during the winter. If there are no insulated units available, wait for one to be delivered, as it can help you save on your utility bills. A window's insulation potential is measured by the U-factor, which is a measurement of thermal conductivity or how well temperature can pass through the window.

Another term called R-value measures the heat resistance. Both of these values are used by the window professional to select a good insulated window, and the factor should be on the energy information sticker on most modern windows. If there's no sticker, you shouldn't assume that it's worth additional investment with no guarantee, as the actual math behind R-value and U-Factor depends on multiple points that are different for every window. 

Storm Window Considerations

There are many windows that advertise as storm-resistant, which is important in areas with high hurricane or tornado activity. In the Southeastern United States, there's no shortage of products sold to both provide protection and a homeowner's insurance break, but you need to know what is the most helpful.

No matter how powerful the window seems after a demonstration, it's always best to install storm shutters as well. Storm shutters can be closed to provide far better protection than a bare window or nailing boards over the window frame, and are available in different types of metals and wood surfaces. Shop for the windows well before the hurricane season not only to be safe, but because many innovative designs may sell out as the first hurricane or tornado watches are announced from weather stations.

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