Sure you can use a handful of outdoor solar lights that you stake into the ground to light up your backyard, but how about something a little different? String lights can give your backyard a romantic feel. A pathway painted with glow in the dark paint can be a lot of fun, or the use of rope lighting strung along your garden beds can give your home a more traditional look. There are a number of lighting options you can use in your backyard. See below for these and other lighting ideas.  

String Lights

String lights can be ran along the perimeter of your porch or pergola. If you don't have either of these to hold up your string lighting, you can make poles to help hold your lights. Use conduit poles and attach a pipe strap to use as a hook. Attach the pipe strap with a screw (you'll have to tap or drill a hole in the top of your conduit). Next, add a cap to the top of the conduit pole (this keeps bugs like wasps out of the pipe). To keep the pipe upright, you can fit the conduit pipe inside another pipe with a slightly bigger circumference. Bury the two pipes in the ground to hold them in place, or bury them inside a large planter for a pretty look. Attach the string lights to the top of the poles and run them all the way around your patio.

Glowing Pathway

Use flat pathway rocks such as flagstone pavers. Lay them out in your backyard wherever you want them to be placed (in a sunny spot preferably). Next, take glow in the dark paint and brush it on your pathway rocks. The glow in the dark paint charges in the sunlight much like solar lights, then they illuminate at night to light your way.

Rope Lights

Rope lights are very versatile, as they can easily be bent and manipulated to put them almost anywhere. Place them along sidewalks, gardens borders or pathways and hold them in place using garden staples. You can also use rope lights along deck railings to light up your porch.

Lantern Luminaries

Hang lanterns from ropes along your fence or from your porch. Use citronella candles to keep the bugs away, while still giving a beautiful and romantic feel. You can also use larger lanterns and place them on your porch stairs. Vary the sizes of your lanterns and place them on tables on your porch for extra light and for a more decorative look.  

Lighting in your backyard doesn't have to be basic solar lights. Use other types of lighting in addition to those solar lights to give your yard some extra ambiance (click here to continue reading more about this).