Growing rare, tropical orchids is not only a fascinating hobby, it can become a very profitable one too. However, you need to ensure the perfect greenhouse environment for these plants, or they could wilt, die and then your investment in this endeavor is lost. Here are some ways in which you can make your greenhouse environment perfect for your orchids all of the time.

Thoroughly Seal the Greenhouse to Keep in the Hot Air and Humidity

Every panel of greenhouse glass should have a watertight, heatproof seal around its edges. Before you ever put a single orchid in the greenhouse, make sure every pane of glass is this tightly sealed. Some tropical orchids are so sensitive to drafts that they could wilt and die, or just stop growing and blooming, if they are anywhere close to an air leak. Your greenhouse door needs to be airtight too, although you can resolve this issue by constructing a double door that allows you pass from the outside to an enclosed and heated porch space before passing through the airtight door into the greenhouse.

Regulate the Light and Heat

To keep the light and heat properly regulated, you will need to install several heat lamps and keep them running almost all of the time. (If you live in a region or state where the winters are very cold and harsh, you will have to run the heat lamps nonstop.) Use a generator to power these lamps, and use standby generators so that there is no lapse in power to the lamps. If you need additional heat or need to keep the temperatures elevated during frigid weather, you will need a backup or standby generator to power several space heaters. If you do not have a standby generator and just a starter generator, you will need to budget for an extra generator before winter or your tropical orchids will not survive.

Watering and Humidity

Tropical orchids are used to a lot of humidity and get their "drinks" from the humidity in the air. However, that does not mean a regular misting with a plant mister will be a wasted investment. In fact, this type of watering system can help keep the humidity levels elevated. If you buy such a system, it will need to be on an electric timer so that the water spray is released at the exact time you need it to be. That, along with the heat lamps and any additional electric space heaters you use will require plenty of power, preferably supplied by propane-fueled generators. Talk to a water systems company, like Anderson Water Systems, for more help.