Does it barely feel cool in your house and you constantly doubt that that air conditioner is even on, even though it always running and hiking up your electricity bills? It's time to make a change so you can be comfortable and cut utility costs at the same time.

Ditching your old central air conditioning unit and getting a new model, and making changes around the home, can make a big difference. Here are a few things to consider, and to discuss with a local HVAC professional.

Consider Inverter Air Conditioning  

Your old air conditioning unit probably works at the highest power every time it's running. This consumes a lot of energy and creates a high electricity bill. Inverter air conditioners are able to modify the speed of the motor based on the need for cool air, helping to reduce energy costs by as much as 30 percent. These units are also more environmental and ozone friendly. After installation you will find the house gets cooler faster, and the unit is quieter than your old central unit.

Seal the Ducts

Air loss is a huge problem for many homeowners, because 20-30 percent of the air produced by your heating and cooling appliances could be lost through the ducts. This can be prevented with duct sealing, and you will benefit financially all year long. This can also reduce the amount of time your appliances have to work, reducing how quickly the components get wear and need to be repaired or replaced.

Get a Programmable Thermostat

If you don't already have a programmable thermostat, have one installed so you aren't running the unit unnecessarily. You can have the air conditioner shut off after you leave for the day and start back up before you get home, so it doesn't run for hours when no one is home to enjoy the cool air. You'll utilize it the same way in the winter.

If you are tired of feeling like the air conditioner barely cuts through the humidity in the house and that it's eating your money without delivering any cold air, it's time to upgrade your unit. HVAC professionals can install a unit that will work efficiently and get the house cool in the warmer months, and they can do regular maintenance and inspections on your HVAC system to make sure all the appliances and components are working efficiently and as they should be. 

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