Make a rug to cover a section of flooring in your child's playroom with the following steps. Carpet squares that match the colors of the decor that is in the room can be lined up to form a checkerboard or different pattern to enhance the room. Once you have finished the project, place a rug pad under the rug so that it doesn't shift on the floor while your child is sitting on it while they play with their toys.


  • measuring tape
  • carpet squares
  • duct tape
  • scissors
  • carpet adhesive
  • broom
  • rug pad

Measure The Floor And Create A Pattern With Carpet Squares

Use a measuring tape to measure the area that you would like to cover with a rug. Purchase enough carpet squares to cover the same section. Decide upon a pattern that includes at least two colors. Make sure that you have enough of each color so that you can create a rug that mimics the design that you have chosen. Purchase a rug pad that is the same size as the rug that you are going to be making.

After returning home, line up the carpet squares on a flat surface. Once the pattern has been prepared, turn the squares over and temporarily secure adjoining pieces with strips of duct tape.

Secure The Carpet Squares And Lay Them On A Rug Pad

Cut strips of carpet adhesive to permanently connect all of the adjoining pieces. Remove one of the strips of duct tape and cover the bottom seam that the pieces next to each other form by removing the backing from one strip of adhesive and placing the sticky side over each one. Press the adhesive down firmly as you attach it. Connect the remaining squares in the same manner until the rug is complete.

Sweep the section of flooring in the playroom that will be covered with the rug. Place a rug pad in this section, being careful to lay it down flat so that no wrinkles are present. Lay the rug on top of the rug pad. Once finished, your children will have a suitable area to play while spending time in the room. The rug pad will provide extra cushioning and will prevent the rug from moving when weight is placed on it. Keep the rug's appearance maintained by vacuuming it after excessive use and removing stains with carpet cleaner or a steam cleaner.

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