Whether you have solid hardwood floors, or a laminate hardwood floor, there are a few special precautions you need to take to keep it looking good for many years. Wood is soft, porous, and susceptible to sun damage. While you can sand and refinish solid hardwood floors until there is no flooring left, you can only do it a few times to a laminate floor. However, the more you do this to a solid floor, the less stable and strong the wood becomes - you may end up with your sofa breaking the wood and sitting on the subfloor. Here are a few things you should do for your hardwood floors from the day they are installed until you have them taken out.

Sun Damage and Stains

No matter what the season, sun streaming in through the windows and hitting the wood flooring will change the color where it hits. In addition, hot sunlight can cause the finish to dry out and crack, giving it an unpleasant appearance. Be sure to keep heavy curtains, drapes or blinds closed when the sunlight will be beaming in on the floors. To prevent stains, be sure to wipe up any spills as soon as they occur. Be sure to refinish the wood with some type of water repellent finish on a regular basis.

Dents and Scratches

Even though it is called "hardwood," it can still be dented and scratched. To keep this from happening, place area rugs in areas of high traffic, especially in front of all doors and entryways. Avoid having people walk across the flooring in shoes as much as possible, especially high-heeled shoes. Keep simple slippers at the door for people who do not like to be without something on their feet. In addition, use some type of coaster with a flannel or soft bottom under all furniture.


One of the biggest causes of warping is too much water. Even the best water resistant finish will not keep a dumped bucket of water from penetrating to the wood. The wood will absorb the water, swell, and then warp. It is best to use a dust mop on the floor, and then go over it with a slightly damp mop for cleaning.

A hardwood floor can add beauty and warmth to a room when kept looking good. However, if the floor starts to look rundown, it is time to bring out the sander and take off the top layer. This is going to take a bit of time and energy. While you will need to do this eventually, no matter how well you protect the wood, the fewer times it needs to be done the better for you and the floor. Contact a floor company, like Flooring Gallery, for more help.