The Mediterranean style is very popular for yard design. One subset of this style is the Spanish courtyard. It's not necessary to have an actual courtyard to infuse your yard with the look. Instead it's a matter of adding Spanish elements to your yard to channel the bold and beautiful appeal of a garden in Spain.

Stucco Base

Starting with the foundational material is the best way to promote a specific look in your yard. In this case, it's stucco. Both white and colored stucco are hallmarks of Spanish design. Don't fret if your house isn't stuccoed. Instead, choose this material for retaining walls or other features. A stucco fireplace is an iconic element of Spanish design.

Supplementary Materials

Once you have your stucco base, add more materials that remind visitors of the Spanish courtyard. For example, as the Landscaping Network points out, terra cotta is a traditional Mediterranean material. Saltillo tile or painted ceramic are two other options traditionally found in courtyards in Spain. Incorporate these materials into a patio, or choose garden features made of terra cotta or tile.

Water Fountain

Speaking of garden features, no Spanish yard would be complete without a water fountain. Indeed, a fountain is the centerpiece of the courtyard. Tiered and tiled outdoor fountains are traditional. However, the key is placement. Look for garden water fountains for sale that take center stage. Whether you choose to place it at the center of your patio or in the middle of a mini garden, leave ample space around the fountain. Add only a few landscape elements that highlight the beauty of your outdoor water feature.

Wrought Iron

While you're adding garden features, consider also those made out of wrought iron. Moorish lanterns are very attractive and can provide a source of light. An iron garden gate is another beautiful addition to your Spanish-style yard. Look to your patio as well, including scrolled iron stair railings, wrought iron furniture and even decorative iron wall art.

Plant Palette

Warm-weather trees such as pomegranate, lemon and orange are staples of the Spanish plant palette. Your climate may not allow for planting these trees. However, consider placing dwarf versions in a pot to decorate your patio. Succulents are hardy plants that promote the look, so add a mini garden or two with agave, senecio and other succulent plants. Sage is another perennial that fares well in numerous climates. If it'll take in your yard, add a beautiful bougainvillea for color and texture.

The timeless beauty of the Spanish courtyard garden will provide an ideal space for your outdoor entertainment.