Creating a landscape design for your yard doesn't have to be difficult. Sure, you need to put some thought into how you want your yard to look, but you don't need to wait until you meet with the landscaper to decide on what type of layout you'd like. As long as you take a few important details into consideration, you should be able to create a unique design that will make you fall in love with your yard all over again.

The Purpose of the Space

The first thing you need to decide is how you want to use your yard. After all, you don't want to start planting flowers and shrubs in a spot that would be perfect for your patio. You don't need to know every detail, but before you hire a landscaper you should at least know simple details so that you are able to tell the landscaper what kind of landscaping design you prefer. For example:

  • If you frequently entertain guests, you might want to include a large patio or deck that has enough room to accommodate an outside dining area, a fire pit, and a barbecue.
  • If you have small children or pets, you might need an open, grassy area for playtime.
  • If you enjoy reading, you could incorporate a small shaded space where you could cuddle up with a book and relax.

Your House

You want your landscape design to add curb appeal to your home, not take away from it. So, you need to make sure that your landscape design complements the size, shape, and color of your home.

  • If your house features bold colors, keep your landscaping plans simple. Avoid planting flowers with bright blooms, because they take the focus off of your house. Instead, opt for lush green plants and shrubs.
  • Plant a mixture of bright blooms and greenery to spice up the appearance of a neutral-colored house.
  • Create flower beds that flow in a serpentine-like path around your home to soften harsh edges on your house. Alternatively, you can plant rectangular or square bushes that mimic your house's right angles to create a clean, crisp look.

If your house is large, include tall and wide shrubbery in your landscape design to help keep the proportions similar.

Maintenance Level

If you aren't someone who loves to garden, you need a landscape design that's easy to maintain. Create a landscape design that doesn't have a lot of grass to mow, has an efficient irrigation system, and is filled with plants and shrubs that you don't have to mess with. If you do enjoy gardening, have fun designing the layout of your yard. Create flower beds filled with an array of flowers that are lined with graveled walking paths.

Ultimately, the design that you choose for your yard should be a design that appeals to you. As long as you consider the amount of work you want to put into your yard on a regular basis, the appearance of your house, and how you want to use the space that you have, it's easy to create a yard that fits your needs.

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