Change can be good, and switching things up around your home can provide a sense of exhilaration and new-found pride in your property. Try the following suggestions for simple strategies that can transform your home, and give you a new and improved attitude for the coming season.

Seven simple ways to change your home surroundings include:

Let some light in. Change the lighting in your home with new window treatments. Consider swapping heavy panels for some paper shades or light-capturing valances. For help with choosing a window treatment, consider visiting a website like

It may come down to the floor. Consider what currently is on the floor of your home; do you use throw rugs and area carpets? If so, try this trick: replace all of the little rugs, mats, and floor coverings with one area rug that is slightly bigger, and that can be weighted down by heavy furnishings on the corners securely. The larger rug will actually give the entire room a larger feeling, with little effort and money.

Clear off those counters. Try to reduce the amount of stuff taking up space on your kitchen counters, bathroom vanities, or even your family room's mantle. Clearing away the clutter can make you feel lighter, free from having to dust all those photos, collectibles, and knick-knacks. Getting rid of visual clutter will make the room seem larger and cleaner, while also providing a sense of clarity and improved focus.

Alter an outdoor living space. Make the most of the warmer months by enhancing an outdoor space, whether it be a porch or a patio, and turning it into an outdoor living area that is perfect for entertaining. Walk through your home and keep an eye out for items that could be re-purposed in your outdoor space, such as oversized pillows, wicker furnishings, unique accents, and mood lighting. Create a little sanctuary that you will be happy to come home to!

Hardware is an easy fix. It can cost quite a bit to replace or upgrade cabinetry around the home, but changing the hardware is an easy and inexpensive fix. Simply altering the hardware with some pulls, knobs, and handles from a home improvement store can give the cabinets an entirely different look, which will extend to the entire space.

Make your own headboard. Do something different with your bed, and give your bedroom a fresh face. If you currently don't have a headboard, consider creating your own by stenciling a pattern above the bed on the wall, or by upholstering a sheet of plywood and mounting it where a headboard would normally go. There are even vinyl clings that replicate a headboard without the bulk and chore of the real thing.

Take it outside. Get outside and get your hands dirty in the garden. There is something therapeutic about planting something and watching it thrive and grow. Enhancing your yard and property will satisfy your need for change, and improve the home's overall curb appeal.

Your home should be a place that you are happy and excited to spend time in, and sometimes it helps to simply change things up a little bit. Try these seven simple solutions, and give your home a fresh face. Whether you opt for new drapery treatments or to head outside and plant some flowers, sometimes change will do you good!