If you want to have landscaping that is always green and full of color, a good irrigation system is essential. This includes your sprinklers, controls and maybe even things like grey water and rain collection. There are many things that you can do to improve your landscape irrigation to make it more efficient and use less water. If you want to have efficient irrigation for the landscaping around your home, here are some improvements you may want to consider for your sprinkler system:

1. Using Grey Water For Landscape And Garden Irrigation

If you have large vegetable gardens or plants that need a lot of water, you may want to have grey water irrigation. This water comes from appliances in your home, which is a great resource for irrigation. This water can be diverted to be used for irrigation in areas where there are plants that need a lot of water, and you will not use any extra water.

2. Adding Rain Collection For Irrigation Water Purposes

Rain collection is another great way to get water for irrigation. It can be collected from your roof and used to water plants in your landscaping. If you connect it to sprinklers, you will probably also need to have a small pump installed. Another great thing about rainwater collection is that it is clean water that can be used for many different things.

3. Using Drip Irrigation In Areas Where Sprinklers Are Not Needed

Drip irrigation is different than sprinkler systems. This is where an irrigation hose provides plants with a steady drip of water. This can be great for landscape plants in flowerbeds or for shrubs and small trees. It is not ideal for lawns or grasses, where sprinklers work better. The benefit of drip systems is that they provide roots with the water they need, and they use less water than sprinklers.

4. Adding More Efficient Sprinkler Heads To Your Irrigation Systems

If you want to have more efficient irrigation, there are also sprinkler heads that use less water. These will give grass and other plants that water they need without wasting water. Some sprinkler heads can even be adjusted to get the best efficiency and direct the flow of water to where it is needed, which will help to reduce waste.

These are some improvements that you may want to consider for the irrigation of your landscaping. If you need help with the installation of lawn sprinklers and landscape irrigation, contact am irrigation contractor at a business like Krupske Sprinkler Systems​ and talk with them about how to make sprinkler improvements for your home.