You've decided to hang drapes in your home. You've spent a countless number of hours considering the color, pattern, and even fabric style of your drapes. However, you probably haven't spent nearly as much, if any, time thinking about measurements. The length and mounting measurements of your drapes have a huge influence on the style they reflect, so choose wisely.


When it comes to length, you have two options: just hitting the floor or breaking at the floor. The most common style is just hitting the floor. This is a classic look where the length of your curtains is just about a half of an inch shorter than the distance between the top of your drapes and the floor. For drapes that you will open frequently, this is a good option.

Drapes that slightly break at the floor offer a more dramatic look. The length with this style is typically a few inches longer than the distance between the top of the drapes and the floor, causing the drapes to graze the floor. While the more stylish of the two, it does take more effort to maintain drapes of this length. The part that is grazing the floor will need to be fluffed and vacuumed often to remove any dust or animal hair.


Mounting measurements refer to the amount of space between the top of your drapes and the window frame. At the frame and above the frame are the two options. Similar to the length, deciding between these two styles has a lot to do with the look you're trying to achieve. The first option, at the frame, is the more common of the two. With this option you measure your drapes so that they are hung just a couple of inches above the window frame.

With the above the frame style, you hang your drapes several inches above the window frame. Even going as high as an inch or so below your crown molding. In rooms with low ceilings that you want to make look taller, you want to go with the above the frame option. Hanging the drapes higher will make your windows appear higher, also making the ceiling appear higher.

Take some time to consider the look you're trying to achieve with your drapes. Consider what type of length and mounting styles will help you accomplish this goal and have your drapes measured and hung accordingly. For assistance, talk to a professional like Frieda Ross Draperies, Blinds and Fabrics.