When you move to a new home, your child now has a new bedroom. To them, it might not seem as great as the old room they knew and loved. Before the movers show up with all the boxes and furniture, let your kids help to paint their new bedroom. This helps them make the new room all theirs. Don't think of your kids as a hindrance when painting the room. Here are ways to let them help.

Let Them Pick the Colors

Seriously. Let your child pick at least two colors for the bedroom walls. Let them look at the color samples in the store. Don't freak out about a mix of purple and pink or white leopard print. You know after a couple years max they will change their mind, so purchase the cheapest paint possible.

Let Them Paint with Small Brushes

Let your kids help with the paint process by giving them small brushes. Show them how to dip the brush in the paint only a little ways and then how to wipe the excess off. Then let them have at the walls. Yes, they will do a terrible job. You'll have the roller brush though and can go right over your child's work. After a couple of coats, you won't even know they helped—but they will feel happy that they were allowed to help paint.

Let Them Paint Stencils

Stencils are a great way for your kids to help decorate the new painted room. You might not want your kid to freestyle the art on the wall. Choose a stencil that is made with heavy plastic that does not bend. Tape it to the wall and let your kid paint in the design. If they use too much paint, you can even out with your own brush once they are distracted with the next stencil.

Let Them Leave Hand Prints

Let them dip their hands in the paint and then slap their hand on the wall to leave a hand print behind. It's a lot of fun and leaves behind a fun design that is easily painted over later, if necessary. As an added bonus, every year let your child leave more hand prints so they can see how much they have grown over the years. Not only will the hand prints be bigger, but they will be higher up on the wall.

Now the new bedroom has become your children's own personal space. Let movers such as Frank and Sons Moving and Storage Inc. Agent for Wheaton World Wide Moving. bring in the boxes and furniture to finish it all up. Make the move fun and easier for your kids.