Your sewing machine is an excellent tool for crafting and creating beautiful fabric projects. If you do not take good care of the machine, however, then repairs may be needed. To avoid this, here are 3 important things you can do to care for your sewing machine properly.

Lint Cleaning

First, it may not occur in your mind that lint has accumulated in the needle hole where you run your fabric through the machine. Lint will not always collect, but over time you should clean the slot out because loose strings and certain types of fabric can leave lint behind.

For example, minky material can shed like crazy as you sew, and the minky will end up in the sewing needle hole where it can clog things up easily. 

To clean the lint hole, remove your sewing needle and lift the foot that holds the fabric in place. Get a large needle or toothpick, and gently lift the lint out of the slot so that it is completely clean again. This will prevent problems with sewing other projects in the future.

Needle Trading

Second, you need to trade your sewing machine needle out if it starts to look dull or if it gets bent at all. The needle will not be able to sew properly if it is dull or bent, and you may find that the needle ruins your fabric. If it is dull, then it may not sew through the fabric well, and you will have to try to sew the same piece of fabric over and over again.

Just keep a supply of needles on hand that are the right size. Take the needle out of your machine if you do not know what size to buy, and then you can match it to a size at the store.

Protecting the Machine

Lastly, do not just stick your sewing machine in a closet where things can fall all over it. Instead, put a cover or case on the machine to protect all of the important parts. Also, push the thread and bobbin holders down so that they are not sticking up when you put the machine in the closet.

In addition, make sure that the sewing needle is in the down position so that it is not exposed. You can put the sewing foot down as well, and this will protect the needle from any damage that could occur.

By doing these 3 things, you can reduce or omit the need for sewing machine repair, so take care and make sure that your machine is always in good shape.