Are you about to run an estate sale for either yourself or a friend or family member? Before you invite everyone into your home, you might want to consider some items that are often better off offered or sold to a friend or family member rather than through the estate sale itself. 

1. Appliances

Are you selling a fridge, washing machine or dryer? You might actually be better off selling it separately or asking someone you know if they want it. Most large appliances will not go for much money because few people can transport them. Since all estate sale items need to be paid for and taken away by the end of the sale, this can be prohibitive. Remember that there are appliance repair shops that will often purchase old, used appliances and even come and pick them up for you.

2. Books & DVDs

You will almost never get a significant value on books or DVDs--and video games, for that matter. If you just want to get rid of everything, you may as well sell them through the estate sale. Otherwise, books will usually make only pennies and DVDs and video games may sell better online. Remember that you can also donate books to a local library.

3. Mattresses and Clothes

Most people today are very wary of mattresses and clothes because they can contain bed bugs because buyers have no real guarantee that your home has been treated. You may be better off either giving these items away or donating them to those in need.

4. Jewelry, Art and Collections

You will almost always make more money selling jewelry, art and collections (such as stamp and coin collections) directly to a dealer rather than through an estate sale. A majority of people go to estate sales for general purpose items and may not know the value of a collection. While you can price it high and hope for the best, it's most often easier just to sell the items to someone who already knows about them.

Remember, once an estate sale actually begins the end goal is usually to sell absolutely everything in the home. Whether this is a home that was left to you by a parent or it's your own home that you're trying to liquidate, you may want to go through the items just to be entirely sure that there isn't anything you'd rather save. Or, if you're feeling overwhelmed, consider hiring a professional, like Windsor Galleries, to take care of your estate sale for you.