If you are looking for a way to add a walkway or steps to your landscaping, or to re-do your driveway, stamped concrete is a great option. It is similar to concrete pavers (blocks of concrete used for steps and other landscaping projects), but it has a variety of textures and patterns to it. Some stamped concrete is also dyed to be a different color.

What does stamped concrete look like?

There are many different types of stamped concrete, but the majority of them are done to resemble natural stone. If you like the sturdiness and lower price of concrete slabs, but the look of tile, wood, flagstone, brick or stone, you can get stamped concrete instead. There are also other patterns that are used, such as stamped concrete with insects or butterflies, stars, or hearts. These are more decorative stamped concrete pavers that are usually only meant for steps in a garden. The majority of stamped concrete is more uniform and will resemble stone or brick pavers.

Where is stamped concrete used?

You will find stamped concrete used in many different home projects. It may be in the front yard, used as a walkway up to the front door; or connecting stamped concrete slabs can be used for a decorative driveway. In the backyard and garden there are even more ideas, such as providing a border around a play area for your children, to be used as garden steps, or on a pool deck, a patio, or your sunroom flooring.

Why should you choose stamped concrete?

Stone, tile, cobble and brick are all beautiful surfaces and materials, but they are expensive and can be unpredictable when it comes to the elements. Concrete, on the other hand, can be manufactured in any size or shape you want, and is a very hard surface. It is difficult to destroy, and the weight makes it perfect for even or uneven surfaces. It also prevents weeds and other vegetation from growing up through the cracks. Instead of having concrete pavers, you can get a large slab of stamped concrete so that it looks like brick or stone, but without the spaces in between each individual paver.

How is stamped concrete placed?

If you are getting smaller stamped concrete pavers, you will simply place them down as your steps or walkways, just like with other pavers. However, many people use stamped concrete as the large slabs for a driveway or patio. For this type of concrete, you will first place the concrete down, then add color using a concrete mixer. Add an agent that prevents the texturizing mat from sticking, then lay the mats to provide the texture you want. It is left for 24 hours to dry, then pressure washed. A final coat of sealing is added as the last step.